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Welcome to SSL 2001
SSL2001 is a free play by e-mail football [soccer] management game using the esms+ software.
The original esms was created by Eli Bendersky & Igor Oks, esms+ was developed by Darren McKee.
The league began as "SSL" in 2000 and has been running continuously ever since.
Here`s a brief explanation of how esm+ works,with some sample files.
Each manager selects his team, 5 substitutes and his tactics then sends them to the commisioner in the form of a teamsheet.
The commissioner then uses the 2 teamsheets with the 2 team rosters to produce a match commentry .
After each match the rosters are updated and players may be injured or suspended,or coming back from injury or suspension.
SSL 2001 has 3 divisions with 38 teams in and there is a cup competition.
There is also a Youth league  for players aged up to  21.

Other features of SSL2001 are:
Player auctions held on a message board in the pre season.
Scouted players offered during the season.
Press releases via the mailing list.
A weekly results prediction competition.
Youth Academy.
Weekly player draw.
As well as the usual features to be found in most
ESMS leagues:
Player wages.
Gate receipts.
Clubs finances published weekly.

If you wish apply please use the APPLICATION PAGE

November 23rd Mariano García Takes Over Village Idiots
[Now Village Park].
November 21st Daniel Mason moves to Studley Royals
[Now Ludlow Penguins].
November 9th, Jonathan Cussons takes over Featherstone Collieries
[Now Ripon Rowels].

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