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Welcome to SSL 2001
SSL2001 is a free play by e-mail football [soccer] management game using the esms+ software.
The original esms was created by Eli Bendersky & Igor Oks, esms+ was developed by Darren McKee.
The league began as "SSL" in 2000 and has been running continuously ever since.
Here`s a brief explanation of how esm+ works,with some sample files.
Each manager selects his team, 5 substitutes and his tactics then sends them to the commisioner in the form of a teamsheet.
The commissioner then uses the 2 teamsheets with the 2 team rosters to produce a match commentry .
After each match the rosters are updated and players may be injured or suspended,or coming back from injury or suspension.
SSL 2001 has 3 divisions with 38 teams in and there is a cup competition.
There is also a Youth league  for players aged up to  21.

Other features of SSL2001 are:
Player auctions held on a message board in the pre season.
Scouted players offered during the season.
Press releases via the mailing list.
A weekly results prediction competition.
Youth Academy.
Weekly player draw.
As well as the usual features to be found in most
ESMS leagues:
Player wages.
Gate receipts.
Clubs finances published weekly.

Season 32 ended on November 21st.
6 clubs were dropped from SSL and 12 clubs migrated from JAFL.

If you wish apply please use the APPLICATION PAGE

April 1st, Guillaume Rousseau takes over Pheonix FC.
December 27th, Rob Muir takes over Deportivo Loughborough.
November 28th, 12 clubs Migrate from JAFL.
November 27th, Dan Thompson takes over Burntwood Rovers.
November 18th, Kieren Amand returns to Asbo All Stars.
October 20th, Peter Spall returns to Feathersone Collieries
October 18th, Andy Mcgrae takes over Modular United
October 17th, Peter Norton takes over Huracan Rhythm
October 13th, Matias Finkelstein takes over Shurdington AFC

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